YK-11 Sarm

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  • Increases Muscle Mass Fast
  • Promotes Fat-burning
  • Promotes Healthy Muscle Growth
  • Slows Down Cell Aging
  • Enhances Speed and Power
  • Liver Toxic
  • PCT Required


Though there is a lot of information out there about YK-11, this substance isn’t part of the usual SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) group that is popular at present. It is a derivative of testosterone (Test)/ 5-a-dihydrotestosterone  which is known as an anabolic steroid. It possesses the same steroidal backbone with all the other substances that are grouped together as steroid hormones.

 The recent animal testing has revealed that YK-11 has an anabolic and androgenic effect. It effectively binds with androgen receptors in the muscles which aid in development and growth. The substance is also capable of inhibiting follistatin that is responsible for controlling myostatin; the protein that works by limiting muscle growth.

This means that when YK-11 is present, it will actually help alter a subject’s potential in developing muscles.

The Origin

The discovery of the compound that we now know as YK-11 seems to be accidental. It is a product of research done by Japanese chemists and researchers who were trying to find a compound that can help bodybuilders and athletes gain muscles though it has never been tried yet on human subjects. At first, it’s been observed to produce the same results that muscle-boosting and normal steroids have but further study revealed that it works more efficiently than these supplements.

Its anabolic effects are on a higher level as it effectively binds with the androgen receptors of the muscles resulting in a tremendous increase in muscle mass while it also inhibits myostatin at the same time.

What Does YK-11 Do?

Unlike the other SARMs, YK-11’s unique composition makes it very selective on the receptors it will attach to. It only works with the androgen receptors on the muscle tissues which then promotes faster growth without affecting any other part of the body. This has been proven in lab tests in animals and not yet for human consumption.

Here Are The Effects of YK-11 Based on Recent Animal Testing:

YK-11 helps in rapidly increasing muscle mass. It is one of the most popular SARMs in the market at present. It is known to produce the following effects based on animal tests.

  • Aids in the efficient burning of fats
  • Promotes a rapid increase in muscle mass without causing any rollback phenomenon
  • Slows down the aging of cells
  • Helps in improving the circulation of blood
  • Shows potential for fast, large gains
  • Prevents neuronal damage with its physiological and biochemical effects
  • Improves speed and power

Possible Side Effects

Just like the other SARM products out there, YK-11 also has its own set of side effects. It is important to note that the substance has only been tested through in vitro which means that it has only interacted with cells on a petri dish and not yet on a live animal or human tissues although there are others who already claim that it can significantly increase the rate of muscle growth and development of lean muscle mass.

This means that its potential side effects are not yet clearly defined by now, not until formal trials on animals and humans are conducted. There exist some anecdotal accounts from users which suggest that YK-11 causes shedding of hair for those who are prone to hair loss. There are others who report no hair loss at all giving the impression that this effect may be unique in every case based on the individual who took the substance. YK11 appears to have minor liver toxicity, and its’ chemical structure differs greatly from that of traditional SARMs as it resembles the chemical structure of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) very closely. Note that this substance is for research and test only and not to be used for human consumption.

NOTE: This product is intended for use in research and testing only. SARMs are substances that are currently on testing stage and should never be tried for the purpose of recreation.

Recommended Dosing:

Goals Men Women Cycle Length PCT Selection (Men Only)
Building Muscle 10-20mg/day N/A 8-10 weeks PCT Table (Heavy PCT)
Maintaining Muscle 5-10mg/day N/A 6-12 weeks PCT Table (Normal PCT)
Due to the short Half-Life of YK-11 (8-10 hours), the daily dosage must be split throughout the day. The general recommendation is to split the daily dose into 2. It is recommended to take 6-8 weeks off from SARMS upon completing a cycle