S4 (Andarine)

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  • Harder Muscle Mass and Ripped Body
  • Helps in Lean Muscle Development and Retention
  • Can be taken with other SARMs
  • Increases Vigor and Endurance
  • Effective for both Male and Female Genders

Half-life 4-6 hours


S4 is another orally available SARM  that can result in substantial increases of strength, lean muscle mass, and fat loss. It is non-steroidal and has tissue-selective anabolic effects in muscle and bone, while sparing other androgenic effects that come from anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). S4 doesn’t bloat as it doesn’t convert to estrogen or progesterone, and the size it produces is very dry. It is the only SARM aside from S23 that can mimic the dry, grainy, hardening effects formidable to that of pure DHT, without exerting any of the negative side effects associated with DHT like hair loss, prostate growth, acne, virilization in women, etc. Night vision issues are commonly reported as a side effect from users, which appears to correct itself shortly after the discontinuation of Andarine administration. S4 has a tendency to cause a temporary yellow and green tint to be noticed in sight, and more significant issues adjusting from light to dark settings.

How Andarine Works

Andarine (S-4 or S4) effectively binds itself with the androgen receptors that are found in the bones and muscles. It’s not as effective in muscle building lean muscles like Trenbolone but works effectively in burning fat. It is able to do so because of its high androgenic effect and less of the anabolic properties which is one of the best among the SARMs in the market at present.

The burning of fat starts when hormones with androgenic properties (or SARM in this case) binds with the receptors for androgen present in the fat tissues (adipose tissues). Andarine strengthens and preserves the bones and even increases its mass. The effects are selective which means that it causes no harm in other internal organs like the prostate and liver. At low doses, Andarine produces weak muscle building effects while at higher doses, it can aid in the development of lean muscles without the androgenic side effects that Winstrol and Anavar produces. These tests were performed in animals and more research is still needed

Possible Benefits of Andarine

SARMs like Andarine (S4) are not to be considered steroids because they produce less anabolic and androgenic effects. Andarine’s benefits include the following:

  • Aids in the development of lean muscle mass
  • Helps increase fat-burning activity
  • Brings vigor and endurance to a higher level even in low-calorie diet
  • Gives great physique with hard muscles
  • Increases bone density
  • Promotes sexual stamina
  • Can be taken together with other SARMS
  • Effective for both male and female genders

NOTE: Tests were done only in animals and no conclusive evidence exist that this SARM is safe for human use.

Possible Side Effects

Although not as suppressive as LGD-4033, Andarine still possesses this effect especially at higher doses more than Ostarine. It is theorized that a post cycle therapy is done after a full cycle of use. Using HCGenerate to help cure the little suppression caused has been reported to produce good results while mini-pct is also found to be great for recovery.

Andarine also binds with the receptors found in the eye which causes a faint yellowish tint that can sometimes make it hard to see through mild darkness but it’s not seen in all animals subjected to trial. This side effect also goes away after discontinuing the use of the substance. No estrogen inhibitor is required in the entire cycle as it does not turn into estrogen in the long run.

Andarine Dosage

Start taking the pills or begin supplementation slowly. Get your body acclimatized and then increase the dosage as you deem fit. Your objective and the present state will determine the exact dose. A generically safe starting point is 25mg a day. You may break it down three or four times a day. You can increase it to 35mg but only after two weeks or so. Your body must get familiar with Andarine. Taking some time will also help you to know if there are any side effects. You can increase your dosage up to 50mg per day after the first month. The maximum dosage you can go for is 70mg. Many people prefer the dosage to be limited to 50mg per day. Increasing the dosage further may adversely affect your ability to concentrate or focus.

Recommended Dosing:

S4 (Andarine)
Goals Men Women Cycle Length PCT Selection (Men Only)
Building Muscle 25-70mg/day 10-25mg/day 8-12 weeks PCT Table (Heavy PCT)
Burning Fat 10-25mg/day 5-15mg/day 8-12 weeks PCT Table (Normal PCT)
Due to the short Half-Life of Andarine (4 to 6 hours), the daily dosage must be split throughout the day. The general recommendation is to split the daily dose into 3 and take each dose with a meal. It is recommended to take 6-8 weeks off from SARMS upon completing a cycle